Holly Lynn

Holly Lynn

Founder, BAMF

I often get asked by some people new to me, “What exactly is it that I do?”

I am a “Power Connector” in the real estate and other investment markets. I am someone who make things happen quickly.

For many years, I am the go-to person of investors and individuals looking for deals wherein risks are mitigated. My network is rich and robust with critical resources, mainly money. Nonetheless, information, connection and opportunities are also within my network and when accessed, can help people achieve their personal and professional dreams.

I have focused on limited key relationships with people who are actively participating and constantly looking for profitable investments. Because of this, I can guarantee people looking for money the kind of funding they need at the best rates.

I believe in quality and not quantity. My contact are absolutely of great value and are not drowned by information irrelevant to them.

More about BAMF and Holly Lynn

We are a dynamic and fast growing Meetup group designed to build relationships and invest in Multi-Family projects together, and create massive cash flow, and wealth. We hold free monthly meetings in San Francisco, San Mateo, Fremont and San Jose, and Online (through webinars), so everyone is welcome to join.

WE ARE OPPORTUNISTIC: In case you haven’t noticed, the Multi-Family industry is benefiting from a once in a lifetime investor opportunity – The Millennial generation are less interested in buying homes than any previous generation, raising demand, stability and profit for Multifamily investors.

WE PROVIDE EDUCATION: Our Meetup piggybacks on this mega-trend, and provides Multi-family education, networking and deal exposure to encourage investment in Multi-family properties in many states. Whether you plan on setting up and running your own Multi-Family projects or want to invest passively in someone else’s deal, this Meetup is the place to be.

WE PROVIDE ACCESS: If you are lucky enough an accredited investor as defined by the SEC, you probably have access to some of these multifamily projects. If you do not meet those qualifications, you can gain access to these awesome investment opportunities by getting educated and forging a relationship with deal organizers.

These are institutional type investments accessible only by grouping investment funds (unless you have very deep pockets). Multi-family is the investment of choice these days for all manner of institutional investors. Why? Because they are one of the most reliable and high-yielding investments out there.

THE RETURNS ARE EXCELLENT: Multifamily investments returns typically outperform stock markets and single-family investments. If you are still investing in CDs, Bonds or similar investments, take a look at the graphic below to see what an amazing difference higher return opportunities make to your quest for financial freedom.

WE KNOW A SECRET: Don’t tell anyone, but Multi-family investments create wealth almost magically. Unlike single family homes, Multi-family properties are primarily valued based on Net Operating Income. Even a tiny increase in Net Operating Income can create an enormous increase in net worth for the investors. Take a look at the typical example below. This isn’t pie-in-the-sky math, it happens in Multi-family investing extremely regularly.

WE HAVE THE TRAINING AND EXPERIENCE: It takes both training and experience to make it all come together and work. With decades of collective experience, our organizer team has extensively training in multi-family and can guide you. Whether you are looking for great passive investments, support in buying your own property, or assistance putting your own projects together, we have the resources available within this group.

We look forward to having you join us in this exciting, dynamic, profitable group!